Group of Truckers Shut Down and Slow Roll in Protest to Biden’s Plans for Trucking

Joplin, MO – A group of truckers are shutting down and slow rolling this week in protest to the incoming Biden Administration’s plans for the trucking industry.

The StopTheTires2020 group began on Facebook last year in protest to new regulations expected to be imposed by President-elect Biden’s administration.


The group quickly grew to more than 70,000 members after it announced a nationwide trucker shut down.

The strike garnered national news headlines, but was later canceled.

Now the group is back and calling for a nationwide trucker shut down and slow roll coinciding with Joe Biden’s inauguration.

In a release issued on Monday, StopTheTires2020 says its members are “tired of not having our voices heard by the people we pay and elect to represent our voices within the government and media.”

The group argues the Biden Administration intends to impose “new regulations” such as mandating speed limiters and requiring the installation of side skirts on all big rigs.


The group is also deeply concerned about the impact Biden’s climate agenda will have on the cost of fuel.

The President-elect is expected to quickly issue executive orders to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, ban fracking on all federal land and rescind the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline.

He and his Democratic allies in Congress are also expected to pass cap-and-trade legislation to crackdown on carbon emissions producers.

Multiple trucking experts recently told Transportation Nation Network (TNN) the impact of such policies will send the cost of fuel skyrocketing.

StopTheTires2020 warns the costs of such policies will ultimately be passed down to consumers causing prices of everyday staples like bread, milk, and vegetables to also explode.


Notably, a significant portion of the group’s members are not truckers, but rather members of the motoring public who are also concerned about the harmful effects of such an agenda.

Also at issue is the Democrats’ plan to dramatically increase the motor carriers’ liability insurance minimum.


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The current minimum is $750,000, but last year the Democratically-controlled House of Representatives passed legislation to raise it to $2 million.

The effort later died in the Republican-controlled Senate.


However, brand new reporting from TNN indicates the negotiations on Capitol Hill are expected to begin at more than $4 million.

Click HERE to read more on this.

“As our way to draw attention to our causes, the Americans in the group StopTheTires2020 agreed on the day of January 18, 2021 to begin our crusade,” Monday’s statement reads. “On that date, we invite all truck drivers, and the American public to join us in stopping the tires across this great nation.”

The group is urging everyone who can to shut down January 18-21.

For those who are unable to do so, StopTheTires2020 is asking members to “slow roll” to all destinations until the end of the protest.”


“Please slow to a national speed of 65 MPH on any roadway that you travel or the posted speed limit, whichever is less,” the group urged. “An important step is to put a sign on your vehicle stating why you are slow rolling. We suggest, ‘Don’t like my speed, call your reps’ and ‘#STOPTHETIRES2020, #NoNewRegulatons.'”

The protest will culminate with a slow roll in Joplin, MO on Thursday, January 21, just one day after President-elect Biden becomes President Biden.



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