Gun Shots Fired Between Trucker and Watermelon Farm Owner, Trucker Arrested

Pineview, GA – A trucker has been arrested following an argument with a company owner that resulted in shots being fired.

According to the Wilcox County Police Department (WCPD), the incident occurred on Saturday, June 27 at a watermelon packing shed in Pineview.


Officials say truck driver Rocco DiLaurentis, from Miami, FL, got into a “heated argument” with the company’s dock manager and owner.

DiLaurentis was asked to leave the property following the verbal altercation.

Authorities say as the property owner was attempting to escort DiLaurentis to his semi-truck, the driver “became physical.”


At that point, officials say DiLaurentis got a gun from his truck and “threatened to kill the employees of the business.”

According to an eye witness, Jennifer Jones, the property owner “came from the office with a much bigger gun,” at which time DiLaurentis “took off for his truck.”

Authorities said he fled from the scene after the property owner fired a shotgun into the ground.


WCPD says DiLaurentis left the property and drove down Highway 112 “while shooting out the window” towards the property and its employees.

DiLaurentis was placed under arrest and transported to the Wilcox County jail.

He is charged with Aggravated Assault, which will fall under the same code section as attempted murder in Georgia, according to WCPD.



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