Gunman In Flying J Shooting Stand Off Identified And Facing Serious Charges

Laredo, Texas – Yet another shooting happened at a truck stop this past week. This time it was at a Flying J Travel Center in Laredo, Texas, off of Interstate 35. Laredo Police (LPD) were called to the scene Wednesday evening and heard more shots after arriving. They discovered a gunman who has now been identified as 44-year-old Jose Luis Milera inside a clinic where truckers receive medical services next to the truck stop.

Laredo Police Dept.

LPD officers immediately evacuated the nearby Denny’s and the Flying J. Initial reports were that Milera did not fire at the officers. However, Transportation Nation Network has since learned those reports were mistaken. Negotiators and a SWAT team were also dispatched to the scene as LPD feared it could be a hostage situation. It turned out not to be as Milera was discovered alone inside the clinic.

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Authorities were able to detain Milera without returning fire. Police are still not clear on why Milera was firing, but did say he was in an altered emotional state. After a mental health evaluation at a nearby hospital, Milera was arrested. He is now facing 3 charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Thankfully no one suffered any injuries from this incident. However, there is growing concern within the trucking community about inadequate security at truck stops. Below you will find other reports Transportation Nation Network has filed on truck stop shootings in the last month.

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