GUNS IN TRUCKS, part 1: To Carry Or Not To Carry?

Little Rock, Arkansas – Perhaps no issue evokes strong opinions among Americans quite like the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms. It’s endlessly debated in political circles. Whenever a crime with a gun is committed you can be certain the fallout of blame will soon follow.

Some will blame the criminal for their unlawful act. Some will blame politicians for not limiting the criminal’s access to the gun. Some will blame devisive political rhetoric in search of scoring political points against those with whom they disagree. This environment makes it extremely difficult to have a rational and civil debate about the issue.

Trucking And Guns

Its no different in the trucking industry. We at Transportation Nation Network covered the trucking industry for almost 20 years before we launched in 2017, so we’ve seen this phenomenon first hand. In fact, it is proven to us yet again with the incredible viewership of “The Driver’s Lounge’s” 2-part series “Are You Packing?”

Episodes of “The Driver’s Lounge” have been watched by thousands and thousands of people, yet the most watched episodes almost every week continue to be these episodes featuring debate about truckers carrying guns with them in their trucks.


Recent Events Stirring Up The “Guns In Trucks” Debate

A plethora of recent incidents are once again sparking the guns in trucks debate. As a result, we are releasing a 3-part editorial series entitled “Guns In Trucks” (you are reading part 1 right now in fact) focusing on this issue. So, let’s look at some recent incidents that have truckers talking about guns in trucks.

Just recently a trucker was arrested by Oregon State Police after admitting to firing warning shots in the direction of another trucker with whom he was having a disagreement. You may also remember back in September a trucker was arrested after shooting another trucker during a dispute at the fuel island at a Love’s Travel Center in Jackson, Georgia.

Critics of truckers carrying guns point to events like these to illustrate the danger of having guns readily accessible inside a commercial vehicle. Days are long and can be frustrating. Tempers can flare with fellow drivers or motorists and that can lead to deadly consequences some argue.

However, proponents of truckers carrying guns point to incidents like the one in Miami-Dade County, Florida, last week when a trucker successfully stopped an attacker with a firearm. The truck driver was in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven convenience store when he was attacked, according to police. The truck driver was carrying a gun and fired multiple shots at the attacker striking him in the back and stomach ending the aggression. Would this driver be alive or seriously injured had he not had a firearm?

In a similar instance last month, Missouri truck driver Amos Phillips was sleeping in the cab of his truck at TP Truck Stop in Fort Hall, Idaho, when he was awakened in the middle of the night by an intruder who had broken his way into the truck. After the intruder demanded money and Philips told him he did not have any to give, the what was described as a “large Native American man” began beating Phillips with a rock and throwing hammer punches.

In the struggle, Phillips was thankfully able to kick the man out of his truck at which time the man ran away, but not before Phillips suffered serious injuries. Phillips told he plans to carry a firearm in his truck if he is ever able to truck again. He even added, “And I’m not afraid to pull the trigger.”

Mr. Phillips has expressed significant doubts he will ever be able to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle again due to the extensive injuries he suffered. Would this be the case for him had he been carrying a firearm that night?


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“Shooting Down The Myths,” Part 2 Preview

In part 2, “Shooting Down The Myths,” which will be released Monday, November 12, exclusively on, we will debunk some common myths and misconceptions about gun laws relating to truckers. Is there a federal law prohibiting guns from being carried inside commercial motor vehicles? Can you be fined or even jailed for carrying a firearm inside a CMV? Can CDL holders apply for a special “truckers only” permit that would allow them to lawfully carry a firearm no matter what state they may be traveling through?

We’ll separate fact from fiction in part 2 of our exclusive “Guns In Trucks” 3-part series next week, so don’t miss it!



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