Handicap Won’t Stop His Dreams Of Driving a Big Rig


20-year-old won't allow cerebral palsy to stop his big rig dreams

A young truck driver refuses to allow cerebral palsy to stand between him and his big (rig) dreams.

Max Quaglio, 20, has been overlooked and underestimated his whole life. That all changed when Clayton’s Towing Service gave him a shot, and he did not disappoint. According to The Western Journal, Max is now fully licensed to drive big trucks.

Ever since Max was a little boy, he was asking his father to take him down to the boat ramp. Max would watch and critique how people were backing their boats into the water. Ever since then, his dad has been supporting his love for large trucks and machinery.

Max’s passion inspired his father to suggest that his son become his coworker. As a result, Mike Clayton of Clayton’s Towing Service decided to give him a chance.


“When I first met Max I said to his dad, ‘Look is he really going to be able to handle this?’ but I’ve had to eat my hat a few times,” Clayton admits. “[That first day] I said let’s go up the road and see how he goes and if he can talk the talk and walk the walk, we’ll see what happens. And we did and Max just blew me away. The moment I saw him, I said he’s a natural at it.”

Max is now going to college for a business degree. He even has a side business called Max’s Haulage, where people can pay him to move their belongings. He hopes of one day working in a position that allows him to spend time in-office and on the road.


Amazingly, Max not only works for his own dreams, but those of others. He is an advocate for Choice. Passion. Life., a non-profit organization that helps those with disabilities get what they need to succeed. Through perseverance and determination, Max is absolutely thriving.

“I believe anything is possible if you have enough passion and drive,” he says. “You’ve just got to see what the future holds.”

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