Hate Unleashed On Truckers After Release Of These Crash Pics… But Not-So-Fast!

Clark County, Ohio – Incredible pictures posted on Facebook by the Bethel Township Fire Department of a crash along I-70 in Ohio set off a barrage of angry comments aimed at truckers.

Emergency crews were called to the scene of a crash involving a big rig and a passenger vehicle on February 10, 2019, and crew members found it hard to believe what they saw. A black Chevy Cruze was wedged front end down between a tractor-trailer and a concrete barrier.


The driver of the passenger vehicle was 71-year-old James Netherton, of Dayton, according to the Ohio Highway Patrol (OHP). Shortly after the pictures were posted online people began weighing in as to who they believed to be at fault and many were not holding back their disdain for truckers.


One respondent was Nicci Clarkson who wrote,

“I see semi drivers on their phones constantly and swerving back and forth not caring. Semi drivers thinking because they’re bigger than everyone else they can fly past people. And tons of Semi drivers fly up on people KNOWING they can’t stop on a dime so the cars swerve out of their way in fear they’re gonna get smashed with their baby/child in the back seat!”



Another respondent, Cynthia Besecker, weighed in with,

“I have been ran off lanes by truckers.”



Missy Terry Clawson had some choice words for truckers too. She wrote,

“I get so irritated when the roads are bad at some of the large trucks that barrel down the roads and highways not giving a hoot about the cars around , throwing ice and snow, and pushing people off the road because they are too good to slow down a little.”



Anthony J. Gualtiere had an idea. He thinks truckers shouldn’t even be allowed to share the same roads with 4-wheelers, writing,

“Semis shouldn’t even be allowed to be on the same damn roads as us.”



Comments lashing out at truckers became so bad on that post that the Bethel Township Fire Department thought they should try to clarify the situation a bit more by posting,

“Just a clarification regarding the crash on I-70 that we posted pictures of. There were no injuries and weather did play a significant role in the crash.”

However, the clarification did not stop the trucker haters from continuing to sound off. Some people did attempt come to the defense of truck drivers like Lisa Finney who wrote,

“Stop Assuming… get facts people… My husband and so many others is Truck Drivers… Why do you people always want to put the blame on Truck Driver?”



Well, we at Transportation Nation Network decided to look up the crash report and find out what the Ohio Highway Patrol determined happened. Any guesses?

According to OHP, the driver of the Chevy Cruze was cited for failure to control.

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  1. You know it’s a damn shame those idiots that post the negative comments should look at history. Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower had the interstates built for Miltary and Interstate Commercial vehicles s, not 4 wheelers. Maybe the Government should make the cars use the back roads like they did years ago. These cry babies have passed me watching movies-putting on makeup, playing games on their phones. And the cause 89% of the wrecks between trucks and cars. I saw 3 cars today pass a semi and jump right over in front of them. Speed is usually the problem. Learn how to drive around a semi.


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