Head of Largest Freight Broker Association is Stepping Down Amid Tumultuous Times

Alexandria, VA – The head of the largest association representing third party logistics (3PL) companies is stepping down from his post later this year.

In an announcement on Wednesday, the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) said its CEO and president, Robert Voltmann, would be leaving his position at the end of September 2020.


“While this was a difficult decision for me, I have accomplished everything I was hired to accomplish,” said Voltmann. “Together, we took TIA from a fledgling organization with weak finances and turned it into an association worthy of the dynamic third-party logistics industry. TIA is now clearly recognized as the voice of third-party logistics and has the financial strength to continue to grow and change with the industry. It is time for me to continue to change and grow myself by taking on a new challenge and for TIA to transition to a new leader.”

Voltmann joined TIA as CEO in June 1997.

During Voltmann’s 23-year tenure, TIA membership more than tripled and now represents nearly 80 percent of the market by value, with a 92 percent annual retention rate or better.


TIA has also become an influential voice in Washington through its TIA Political Action Committee, which was not the case before Voltmann came on board.

“When Bob started, TIA’s annual budget was $721,000 and last year it was $7.5 million,” said TIA Board Chairman Brian Evans. “We had negative net assets and today we have reserves sufficient to carry us through the current crisis and meet the demands of the future. We had a very limited voice in Washington and now it strong and clear.”

Some people will likely question the timing of Voltmann’s departure following a tumultuous few months for TIA.

Most recently, Voltmann made industry-wide headlines when he ferociously spoke out in defense of freight brokers amid the COVID-19 recession.

As freight volumes plummeted along with rates, Voltmann called out critics accusing the 3PL industry of “price gouging” small business truckers.


One of those critics even included the President of the United States.

Then Voltmann sat down for an exclusive and explosive two-part interview with Transportation Nation Network (TNN) that people are still talking about across the industry.

He fired back at those accusing freight brokers of unethical business practices.


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Additionally, he went on the record to discuss why freight brokers require carriers to waive its right to review the record of the transaction and what happens when a carrier chooses not to do so.

Plus, he weighed in on the ongoing investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice into alleged violations of the 1890 Sherman Antitrust Act, which criminalizes corporate collusion for the purpose of price fixing.


We’ve not done anything,” he said. “Let the Justice Department investigate. They won’t find anything.”

Click HERE to read PART I and PART II.

Doug Clark, a longtime industry executive and TIA Honorary Life Member, will serve as TIA’s interim President & CEO while the Board of Directors conducts its search for a new chief executive.



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  1. Abuse of power and price gauging is how he was able to multiply that company and now that they are being investigated he wisely steps down to avoid any charges or defamation which will still follow him wherever he goes.


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