“Heart Attack” Trucker Gives Thanks For Life-Saving “Miracle”

South Salt Lake, Utah – A 72-year-old truck driver from Illinois is grateful to be alive after suffering a heart attack while behind the wheel earlier this month, and he spent the day on Monday expressing his appreciation to those who worked quickly to save his life.

You may recall that Transportation Nation Network (TNN) first reported on this story on May 3rd.

Truck driver John Lindsey was hauling gravel and driving onto the I-15 southbound on-ramp at approximately 1 p.m. on Thursday, May 2nd when he began to suffer a heart attack.


Lindsey crashed into a concrete barrier at about 50 m.p.h. along the right side of the ramp.

Moments later Lindsey was discovered slumped over and unconscious by motorist, Justin Letizia, who stopped to check on Lindsey.

Letizia is an athletic trainer and immediately began assessing the truck driver’s medical condition.

“I noticed he was staring forward and wasn’t breathing quite right so that’s when I realized something was wrong,” said Letizia.

Another motorist joined Letizia and helped pull the trucker out of the truck and onto the ground.

Letizia said Lindsey had stopped breathing and did not have a pulse, so he began performing CPR.

Shortly after Letizia began attempting to save Lindsey’s life, two off-duty Provo police officers, Ken Newell and his wife Robyn, came upon the scene and stopped to help.

They began taking turns administering chest compressions.

“The stars absolutely aligned,” Ken Newell said. “If he had gone left instead of right, he would have taken out car after car.”

New video of the race to save Lindsey’s life was just released showing the tense moments as every second mattered.



Paramedics and firefighters from South Salt Lake Fire Department arrived on scene and continued chest compressions while rushing Lindsey to the trauma center at Intermountain Medical Center (IMC) in Murray.

In an IMC press release, officials said a dozen caregivers worked to stabilize Lindsey and shock his heart.

Edward Miner, MD, an interventional cardiologist who was one of Lindsey’s doctors, stressed the importance of immediately beginning life-saving measures when someone is suffering from cardiac arrest.


“CPR is so important during a cardiac arrest because it keeps blood and oxygen flowing through the body and most importantly to the brain and heart,” said Dr. Miner. “I have no doubt their efforts helped save his life.”

Lindsey underwent quintuple bypass surgery and was released on May 13.

Before returning back to Illinois on Wednesday, Lindsey and his fiancé Grett Williams, wanted to thank the people who worked so diligently to save his life.

The couple expressed their deep thanks to all those who help Lindsey that day and in the weeks that followed.

However, Williams said it wasn’t just the good samaritans, the off-duty police officers and the medical team that saved her fiancé.

“The Lord put everybody in their place that day to save him, and it worked,” she said. “That was a miracle in itself.”




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