Highway Patrol Warns Truckers Not to Make This “Dumb” Move

North Sioux City, SD – The South Dakota Highway Patrol (SDHP) encountered a “dumb” move by a trucker this week.

In a social media post, SDHP said the discovery was made at the Jefferson Port Of Entry scale on Thursday.


As the semi-truck pulled across the scale, authorities spotted two 25-lb. dumbbells riding on the passenger side steps.

The weights were completely unsecured.

According to SDHP, the driver had forgotten they were there when he began his trip.

While it is unknown how long the weights were traveling on the steps, SDHP said it was “quite a while.”


“Physical fitness is important but just like the gym, please remember to re-rack your weights when finished with your workout,” the post said.

Authorities did not say if the trucker was ticketed.


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