Hit or Miss… Did Trucker Make The Right Call?


East Mississippi – Every day truckers have to make life and death decisions. Sometimes the life they choose to save could cost them their own.

On February 23, 2019, a trucker traveling along US-78 in Mississippi seemingly was faced with having to make such a choice. In a dash cam video posted to YouTube by truck driver Anthony Lobos, the big rig is traveling in the left-hand lane when a small Ford passenger vehicle veers into the path of the oncoming semi.

Notice, as the video begins, Lobos is traveling in the left lane. He then makes a lane change to the right lane briefly before seeing the 4-wheeler up ahead blocking the right lane.


Lobos does not brake when he notices the car blocking the right lane. However, he quickly moves into the left lane to avoid a collision.

The small car appears to be disabled having sustained damage to the left rear. It’s hazard lights also appear to be engaged.

According to the dash cam video, the semi continues approaching at 72 miles-per-hour. What happened next is, well, watch!



Lobos not only successfully avoids what would almost certainly have been a fatal crash for the driver and passengers in the 4-wheeler, but he is also able to keep the rig from rolling after sliding into the grassy median.

Was Lobos approaching too quickly? Should he have seen the Ford earlier and began braking sooner? Or, did Lobos handle this as he should have? What do you think?

This situation could have been much worse; but thankfully, Lobos was able to skillfully avoid a horrific outcome. It’s yet another example of the dangers truckers face on a daily basis.

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