Homicide Investigation Ongoing After Trucker Found Dead Along Alabama Interstate


Man Arrested and Charged With Roadside Murder of Female Trucker

Family of Trucker Found Murdered Along Alabama Interstate Reveals Haunting New Details

Fairfield, AL – A homicide investigation is ongoing after a female trucker was found dead near her big rig along an Alabama interstate on Wednesday.

According to the Alabama State Bureau of Investigation (ASBI), at approximately 3:20 a.m. a 53-year-old trucker was discovered deceased and lying on the ground near her tractor-trailer parked on I-59/20 close to mile marker 118.


The victim has been identified as Christine LeTourneau Summers, of Hazel Green, AL.

According to authorities, Summers was found by a fellow truck driver who stopped after noticing a body near the rig.

Local outlet AL.com reports the trucker who made the discovery, Ozell Johnson, indicated he found Summers covered in blood and with her truck keys and a flashlight also nearby.

Johnson called 9-1-1 and investigators from the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) arrived to the scene shortly thereafter.

After an initial investigation, ASBI said Summers appears to have been murdered.


Authorities have not yet indicated what injuries Summers sustained or how she sustained them.

Further, no arrests have been made in connection to her death.

Summers was employed by Nashville, TN-based RTR Transportation Services.

So far, RTR has declined to comment on the death of Summers.

TransportationNation.com will continue to follow new developments in the investigation.

LATEST DEVELOPMENTS (August 31, 2020): Man Arrested and Charged With Roadside Murder of Female Trucker



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