Hurricane Relief Trucker Gets the BOOT! Fined A Whopping $3,600!

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Less than a week after Brad James (aka The Singing Trucker) posted a 45-minute long live stream of his truck being booted in a Walmart parking lot in Kentucky (while other large vehicles — such as campers — got a free pass), a trucker delivering Hurricane Florence relief supplies to the Red Cross got the boot in North Carolina. While James was slapped with a $560 fine to have the boot removed, 17-year trucking veteran Hazim Dzananovic paid $3,600 to have two boots removed.

Dzananovic had pulled into a shopping center located at W. 24th and North Graham Street in Charlotte, parked his truck, and went to a nearby store to ask for directions to the American Red Cross. He was sitting in the cab of his truck when a representative of Carolina’s Towing (unbeknownst to Dzananovic) placed two boots on the tires of his truck, which was full of 25,000 lbs. of hurricane relief supplies.

Dzananovic filmed helplessly in the early morning hours on Thursday as his truck was booted, and he had no choice but to pay the $3,000 removal fee ($1,500 per boot) PLUS a $600 credit card fee, totaling a whopping $3,600! While Dzananovic was eventually refunded after a local news station, WCNC, questioned Carolina’s Towing about their decision to boot a truck carrying hurricane relief supplies, he says he is “disappointed” by the situation.

“There’s a misunderstanding that’s happened,” Carolina’s Towing spokesperson Charles Robinson said. Robinson claimed they were not aware that Dzananovic was delivering hurricane relief supplies. “We feel bad that we held up someone that’s going out to help somebody … we didn’t know who or what was in the truck.”

Dzananovic says he “immediately” informed Carolina’s Towing of the contents of his trailer and even called for police back-up. “Cops told them like 20 times,” he said to WCNC.

Unfortunately, truckers know far too well these type of occurrences are happening more frequently these days. Given the current shortage of safe, available parking this certainly won’t be the last time a big rig is targeted and excessively fined.

For a great discussion about the parking shortage, make sure to check out Transportation Nation Network’s original series show, The Driver’s Lounge episode 11, titled “Park It!” The truckers of The Driver’s Lounge sound-off on why the shortage has become so bad and what can be done to fix it.

Courtesy of WCNC.


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