I-70 Crash Trucker’s Embattled Lawyer Quits, Says Trucker Can’t Afford Defense

Denver, CO – Embattled Denver lawyer Robert Corry has officially withdrawn from representing a truck driver facing dozens of felony charges stemming from a fiery crash along Interstate 70 earlier this year.

On Monday, Corry, who has mounting legal troubles of his own, withdrew as defense counsel for truck driver Rogel Lazaro Aguilera-Mederos.


Last month Aguilera-Mederos pleaded not guilty to more than 40 felony charges against him stemming from a fatal crash along I-70 that killed four people in April.

In October, state prosecutors filed a “Conflict-Free Representation” motion on behalf of Aguilera-Mederos, in the wake of Corry’s third arrest in four months.

Prosecutors also alleged Corry may not even be reviewing critical pieces of evidence in the case as he had failed to download available discovery documents provided by the district attorney’s office since July 8, 2019.


However, it is Corry who is now saying Aguilera-Mederos is incapable of paying him, nor the investigators, in order to put on a competent defense.

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As a result of this development, Aguilera-Mederos is asking the judge to delay future hearings until a public defender can be assigned and get up to speed on the case.

Corry is also asking the judge to remove a gag order imposed on him as defense counsel, so that he can “speak to the media” in an effort to clear his name due to his recent arrests.

The judge did not rule on Corry’s motion but indicated the issue will be discussed again at a January 10, 2020 hearing with Aguilera-Mederos’ new lawyer also present.

The trial was tentatively set to begin in May 2020, but these new developments may result in further delays.



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  1. This poor kid was clearly an inexperienced driver, unable to bring that kind of weight down that hill safely. This was in fact a tragic accident but that’s what it was, an accident. This kid doesn’t deserve to be in jail. I hear people all the time say what they would do when faced with a life or death situation, like when watching a movie. When in fact there are very few people that can calmly make rational decisions when facing a possible deadly situation straight in the face! The construction prevented this driver from laying the rig on it’s side on the shoulder because the k-rail funneled him into stopped traffic with completely faded brakes. In all the comments I have read regarding this case, the majority say they would’ve deliberately crashed the rig into something stationary and die, to prevent killing anyone else. Well it’s easier said than done and I think that’s what the DA’s office is basing the case on. THIS IS JUST A TRAGIC ACCIDENT…..AN ACCIDENT NOT PREMEDITATED MURDER!!!!

    1. This poor kid ??? He’s 23 years old, inexperienced?? He took it own his own to drive solo,,, legal weight is 80.000 lbs, 40 ton… was he over weight ??? we all learn to go right BEFORE a accident to avoid a accident… he had plenty of time and he passed up a truck runaway ramp .. there’s a lot of responsibility in driving a truck ,he failed his response and duty to drive his truck safely … this 23-year-old truck driver made the choice to try to ride his runaway truck out , he made that choice and he is responsible for the death of four people he made that decision he had plenty of time to make other decisions but he failed … if he was A inexperienced kid he shouldn’t have made the choice of getting behind the wheel of a 40 ton semi tractor-trailer .. if his tractor trailer had bad brakes he should’ve been driving it in the first place and again he made that choice to drive that truck with bad brakes ….


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