IBM Security Builds Incredible Cyber Tactical Operations Center In A Big Rig

Armonk, New York – IBM Security just unveiled a mobile security operations center built inside a beautiful big rig. Yep. Where else would you house a mobile unit called The X-Force Command Cyber Tactical Operations Center (C-TOC)?

C-TOC was built to provide on-demand cybersecurity support, run incidence response drills with IBM clients, and build cybersecurity awareness with professionals, students and consumers, according to a release. It was built to be similar to tactical operations centers used by first responders.

C-TOC also boasts a cybersecurity “watch floor,” data center and conference facilities with space for up to 24 participants, self-sustaining power, and satellite and cellular communications. It will mostly be used for training, but will support IBM clients should a large-scale event occur, according to the company.

C-TOC is hitting the road to tour the U.S. It’s first stop will be October 18th on the National Mall to provide training to congressional staff and other public officials.

Photos courtesy of IBM.


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