Iconic Missouri Truck Stop Closes Its Doors After Almost Five Decades

Faucett, MO – An iconic and beloved Missouri truck stop (along with its attached restaurant) officially closed its doors yesterday after being in business for almost five decades.

Farris Truck Stop first opened in 1976 near Interstate 29 in Faucett, MO, and quickly became a staple in the community.


Known for its “big rig billboard” (featuring a red and white 1974 Peterbilt) towering 50 feet above I-29 North at exit 35, Farris also boasted a shopping area, truck wash and restaurant, appropriately named “Big Rigs Family Restaurant.”

Farris’ owner, Mike Farris, son of the truck stop’s founder John Farris, made the announcement earlier in the year that he had sold the 40-acres to Pilot/Flying J.

The truck stop giant plans to tear down the structures on the property and re-build, though there is no known estimate of when demolition will begin or when the new addition to the chain is expected to open.

“I can’t blame [the owners] for wanting to retire,” patron Jolene Auxier told local outlet KQ2. “It’s just been a family icon for years and we’re just going to miss it.”


Farris’ employees and many other customers share Auxier’s sentiments.

“It’s like family everybody that comes in and out,” Tina Masterson, who was a cashier at Farris, said.  “We know each other by name.”

“I don’t know what I’ll do without it,” customer John Finney said. “I eat breakfast here every morning.”

Though located inside the truck stop, Big Rigs Family Restaurant was owned by Patrick and Rachel Kelley.


The restaurant also closed its doors on Sunday, May 2, but the Kelleys have stated their intention to re-open Big Rigs in a different location.

“The home-cooked food, that’s hard to find any more for some of the truckers up and down the highway,” Patrick told NewsNowPress.com.

He said many of their patrons are already expressing concerns over losing that.

Transportation Nation Network will keep you updated on the scheduled re-opening of Big Rigs.


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