Illinois Police Help Truckers and Motorists Track Interstate Shootings in Real Time With This New Tool

Springfield, IL — The Illinois State Police (ISP) just rolled out a new tool to help truckers and motorists track shootings along major interstates.

On Wednesday, the ISP unveiled an interactive Statewide Expressway Shooting (SES) dashboard containing current and historical data regarding reported expressway shooting incidents on all expressways within the state.


ISP said one of the main goals of the SES dashboard is to be “timely and transparent” by displaying the latest reported expressway shooting information.

“We want to provide this information to the general public, community stakeholders, our traffic safety partners, other first responders, and our law enforcement partners to assure them that we are committed to our mission of ensuring public safety on our expressway systems,” said ISP Director Brendan F. Kelly. “Knowing when and where these violent crimes are being committed, provides us with another tool to combating these violent and senseless crimes.”

The SES dashboard will display specific data relating to each reported expressway shooting located throughout the state.


The SES dashboard displays the number of reported expressway shootings from 2019 through 2022 year-to-date (YTD).

The Current YTD number of reported expressway shootings are also compared to the previous YTD number of reported expressway shootings.

The SES dashboard will also include information concerning the location, date and time, specific Illinois Highway System, and whether there was a reported injury or death.

Click HERE to access the SES dashboard.


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