Police to Take “Appropriate Measures” if Protesters Attempt to Shut Down Chicago Interstate

Chicago, IL – The Illinois State Police (ISP) says it is “aware” of a planned protest later this month with the goal of shutting down a major Chicago interstate and will take “appropriate measures” if it happens.

Last week, Transportation Nation Network (TNN) was the first media outlet in the U.S. to break the news of a planned shutdown of the Dan Ryan Expressway in Chicago.


The demonstration is set for Saturday, August 15 and is being called “Black Lives Matter March: SHUT DOWN OUR DAN RYAN” and sponsored by three social justice groups.

In an event scheduled on Facebook, the groups are calling for as many as 25,000 protesters for the purpose of shutting down the interstate.

It is scheduled to begin at 12 p.m. EDT.

TNN has been in close contact with ISP about the planned protest since first reporting the story on Sunday, July 26.

In a new statement exclusively issued to TNN, an ISP spokesperson says the Department is “aware of the planned protest” and will “protect the rights of those seeking to peacefully protest, as well as ensuring the safety of the motoring public and public in general.”


Further, the representative tells TNN, “ISP will be taking appropriate measures to ensure both the motoring public, and the public in general, are safe during this time, if the planned protest is to occur.”

The tension over protests staged on U.S. interstates and highways continues to mount within the trucking community.

Thousands of truckers and concerned citizens have sounded off about the issue on TNN’s social media pages and in our members only comments section.


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One trucking group is actively engaged in efforts to stop not only the planned shut down in Chicago, but also future demonstrations along major roadways.

The Small Business in Transportation Coalition (SBTC) is suing the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) for failing to enforce federal law and prevent any protests from being staged on interstates.

Read more about the details of this lawsuit HERE.


As for the Chicago protest, truckers are urged to avoid the area on August 15 if at all possible.

The Dan Ryan Expressway runs from the Circle Interchange with Interstate 290 near Downtown Chicago through the South Side of the city.

It is designated as both I-90 and I-94 south to 66th Street, a distance of 7.44 miles.

The ISP spokesperson assured TNN that our audience will be the first to know what specific actions law enforcement takes with regard to this planned shut down attempt.

TNN will continue to monitor it closely.



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