Immigrant Trucker Declares ‘Justice’ Served After Feds Drop Charges in $3.2M Drug Bust

Detroit, MI – A trucker who immigrated to Canada from India is declaring “justice” was served following his release from jail in connection to a major drug smuggling bust last month.

Tasbir Singh, 32, of Windsor, Ontario, was arrested on July 7 after border officials at the Fort Street Cargo facility in Detroit discovered he was hauling seven pallets containing 2,270 lbs. of marijuana valued at $3.2 million.


Singh was jailed and charged with smuggling, but adamantly maintained his innocence, according to the Detroit Free Press.

“I had not done anything wrong,” Singh told the Free Press in an interview this week. “They did not believe me when I told them that I am innocent.”

Singh remained in custody until July 22, when federal prosecutors dropped the charges against him without prejudice, thus reserving the right to possibly file future charges against him in the case.

“The complaint was dismissed and the defendant released in order to allow the government to investigate further and decide whether criminal prosecution of Singh is appropriate,” Gina Balaya, a spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney’s Office, said in a statement last Friday.


According to Singh’s criminal defense attorney, Ellen Michaels, the trucker and the trucking company he worked for, Best Care Transport, were duped by drug smuggling criminals.

“They backtracked and were able to determine that the fraud was committed on the Best Care trucking company through a hacked Gmail account,” Michaels contended.

Michaels claims Singh’s truck was loaded with the drugs at a warehouse — which was closed at the time — in North York, Ontario, without his knowledge, as he was instructed to wait in his rig.

Fraudulent paperwork, allegedly created by the hackers, showed Singh was hauling coil rings, Michaels asserted.

Singh then drove the truck to Best Care Transport’s truck yard in Windsor where he left it overnight before returning the next morning with instructions to haul the load to Wooster, OH.


However, Michaels said Singh was contacted by his dispatcher instructing him to deliver the load to a new address in Columbus instead.

He was later arrested by U.S. officials at the Fort Street Cargo facility.

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Michaels said prosecutors dropped the charges against Singh after she presented her evidence to them.

“I was able to show them that these truckers are just the drivers,” she stated. “They don’t necessarily have an awareness (of what they’re transporting), and there’s a paper trail of showing how it’s all done. I showed step by step that this guy did everything he was supposed to do.”

As for Singh, he says he is “feeling good” about how the U.S. justice system worked in his case.

“I haven’t done anything wrong in my life. I (have) never been in jail. I was too much scared,” Singh said following the ordeal. “They gave me justice.”

Photos courtesy Ellen Michaels and Best Care Transport

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