Immigrant Trucker Going to Prison For Involvement in Fraud Scheme Targeting Senior Citizens

Jackson, MS – A trucker who immigrated from India is going to prison for more than a year after earlier this year pleading guilty to his involvement in a telemarketing fraud scheme.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), an original indictment naming ten defendants in the U.S. and abroad, charged Lovepreet Singh, an Indian national residing and working as an interstate truck driver based in Indianapolis, IN, with acts supporting a conspiracy defrauding multiple victims.


According to the indictment and testimony in court, beginning in 2015 and continuing through 2018, Singh conspired with nine other defendants, located across the U.S. and in India, to commit wire fraud, mail fraud, and bank fraud, in addition to offenses of money laundering, aggravated identity theft, and passing fictitious obligations.

Court documents reveal conspirators in Mississippi and elsewhere would obtain the telephone numbers and email addresses of computers belonging to various individuals throughout America.

The conspirators established and operated various business entities such as “World Tech Assistance,” and “US Support Inc.,” in Mississippi and elsewhere in the U.S.


They engaged telephone calling centers in India, which would place calls to the U.S. numbers and appear to be coming from U.S-based toll-free numbers.

The conspirators would then call victims — specifically targeting senior citizens — in the U.S., advising the victims that malware and ransomware were infecting the victims’ computers and devices, and that the victims should contact the conspirators for assistance.

The fraudsters misrepresented themselves as “Apple Support” or “Microsoft” or other legitimate and known technical support services, and offered their assistance to remove the software, in return for payment, court documents say.

“Victims responded to the conspirators’ phone calls and pop up messages to send monies and payments, by wire, check and other means,” the DOJ said. “Victims also granted conspirators access to the victims’ bank accounts and to the victims’ computers, permitting the conspirators to further enrich themselves by fraudulent appropriation and taking of the money and property of the victims.”


Victims sent money and payments to conspirators in Mississippi and in India.

Additionally, the conspirators in Mississippi would also send payments and monies to their co-conspirators in India.

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In March 2021, Singh pled guilty to one count of money laundering in which he admitted to receiving and transmitting money obtained by his codefendants as a result of the fraud scheme.

Singh also pled guilty to one count of unlawful possession of a firearm.

Last week, Singh was sentenced to serve 15 months in prison and pay $4,710 in restitution.

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