Trucker Going to Prison for Stealing $245K Load of Laptops He Was Hired to Deliver

Atlanta, GA – An Alabama truck driver has been sentenced to one year in prison and ordered to pay nearly $250,000 in restitution after being convicted on charges that he stole a load of laptop computers in 2017.

On Wednesday, Gevorg Kevliyan, 51, of Decatur, AL, was sentenced in U.S. District Court, for his involvement in a scheme to steal 900 Acer laptop computers valued at $245,000.

According to court documents, on June 21, 2017, Acer Incorporated contracted with an unidentified trucking company to deliver 15 pallets of Acer Chromebook laptops from a packaging facility in California to a Costco distribution center in College Park, GA.


However, Costco rejected the shipment once it arrived due to problems with the purchase order paperwork.

Kevliyan was then hired to drive the tractor-trailer containing the laptops back to California.

Once Kevilyan took control of the truck, however, he reported it to be empty.

He later claimed to have traveled to Chicago, IL, to pick up another load of cargo before returning to California.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) agents later obtained records from a weigh-station in Ringgold, GA, where Kevliyan stopped on his way to Chicago.

Contrary to Kevilyan’s statement, the records indicated that Kevliyan’s truck weighed several thousand pounds more than would be expected for an empty tractor-trailer.


Investigators said the weight was consistent with a load of 900 laptops.

GBI agents then traveled to Chicago, where they used GPS information from the big rig to locate surveillance footage from a Chicago warehouse.

Investigators revealed the video showed a tractor-trailer matching Kevliyan’s arriving on the evening of July 5, 2017.


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Approximately 15 pallets were then unloaded by the on-site janitor and several other “unknown men.”

Further, the pallets matched the appearance of the Acer laptops.

When later located and interviewed, the janitor described being contacted by the owner of a nearby business to unload the truck for $250.


On July 18, 2017, the janitor later loaded the same pallets onto another truck with a different driver for an additional $250, investigators reported.

Agents also obtained gambling records from the Virgin River Hotel and Casino in Mesquite, NV, which showed that Kevliyan gambled with over $11,000 in cash after arriving at the casino from Chicago.

In addition to serving one year in prison and paying restitution, he was also ordered to three years of supervised release upon his release.

According to Kevliyan’s social media profile, he is originally from Yerevan, Armenia.



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