Improve Fuel Economy By 3% Or More Says Maker Of New Trailer Tail System

San Diego, California – Rocketail LLC, makers of advanced, aerodynamic tail systems for semi-trailers, announced on Tuesday the launch of its Rocketail Wingtm  which the company called the “next generation rear drag reduction technology for trailers.”

Rocketail’s trailer rear fairing technology for heavy-duty truck trailers is verified EPA SmartWay. In testing the company says their trailer tail system has “exhibited a certified fuel efficiency improvement of over 3.58 U.S. gallons per 1,000 miles.”

In the announcement of its new Rocketail Wing, CEO Michael Militello, said, “Rocketail solves the ‘Three D’s’ essential to performance for any aerodynamic tail system; Drag, Deployment and Damage.”


Rocketail says their new trailer tale system can improve fuel economy by 3% or more. / courtesy of Rocketail LLC.


Militello elaborated on what the company believes separates the Rocketail Wing system from other trailer tail systems on the market. “Our Rocketail Wing is integrated with the trailer door, so it’s always deployed, it extends a mere 14 inches from the rear of the trailer eliminating a main cause of rear collision damage in current tail systems, and it delivers proven drag-reducing performance,” Militello said.

The Rocketail Wing features a “breakthrough” jet wing design with a one-piece airfoil. According to Rocketail, MVT Solutions reported a fuel economy improvement of 3.36% and by PIT Group to improve fuel efficiency by 3.30% in testing.

The lightweight wing-shaped airfoil extends only 14 inches from the rear of the trailer compared to as much as four feet for other rear drag solutions on the market. The Rocketail Wing is always deployed using unique swing-hinges that lock the wings in their maximum aerodynamic open position each time the doors are closed.


The system shifts the wings flush with the sides of the trailer each time the doors are opened, allowing the doors to swing a full 270 degrees without being blocked.

Installation is easy as well. Each Rocketail Wing attaches without guy-wires or struts with just two industrial-grade, stainless steel hinges and only requires drill bits and tightening tools. Rocketail says two people can install the entire system in “about one hour.”

Each wing weighs less than 25 pounds and requires minimal to no annual maintenance. The company says more information is available on their website,

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