Indiana Police Taking to the Air to Catch Motorists Who Endanger Truckers

Indianapolis, IN – The Indiana State Police (ISP) Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division (CVED) is taking its efforts airborne in order to ensure motorists are driving safely around truckers.

According to ISP, the Division will be using its small airplane to get a Birds-eye view of what is happening on the interstates, especially as it pertains to large trucks.


The plane, which ISP has nicknamed “Bear in the Air,” will be assisting ground units to better identify poor driving.

CVED stated it will specifically be targeting enforcement of passenger vehicles around commercial motor vehicles (CMVs).

ISP issued a reminder to motorists that the CMV following distance in Indiana is 300 feet.

“If you are in a car, please give [semi-trucks] room!!!” ISP implored.

While efforts will be focused on poor driving around trucks, officials stated they will be looking for unsafe driving in CMVs as well.

“So make sure that you are paying attention to your safe driving habits,” ISP stated.


In addition, motorists were reminded to be aware of and follow the posted speed limit.

“Bear in the Air” will be patrolling the Hoosier State’s skies for “the next several months,” officials said.


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