‘Intoxicated’ Utah Dump Truck Driver Who Killed 6 People In Crash Now Facing 100 Years In Prison

Heber, Utah – 41-year-old Utah dump truck driver Jamie Don McKenzie has been charged with eight felony counts after the dump truck he was driving last Friday morning along State Route 40 collided with a Dodge Ram pickup truck and killing all 6 people inside. He faces six second-degree-felony counts of automobile homicide and two third-degree-felony counts of driving under the influence.

After the crash investigators revealed they found opened containers of beer and liquor along with prescription medication inside McKenzie’s truck. McKenzie told investigators he had been drinking the night before, but not on the day of the crash.


Investigators Reveal What They Believe Led To Utah Dump Truck Driver Killing 6 People In Crash

Courtesy of Utah Highway Patrol

Now we are learning even more about McKenzie’s past. According to multiple reports, the warning signs were evident with McKenzie as he has a checkered driving record dating back as far as 1997. Most recently he received a traffic citation six days before the crash for following too closely behind another car. Two months earlier, he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of assault and intoxication. He was charged with having an open container in his vehicle in July.

“Our hearts go out to those who are victims in this case and their family. We take these types of things very serious. They are tragic,” Scott Sweat, Wasatch County Attorney, told good4utah.com after a court hearing on Monday.

Mr. McKenzie’s bail was set at $200,000 by a Wasatch County judge. If convicted of all the charges against him stemming from last week’s crash Mr. McKenzie faces up to 100 years in prison.

Video shared courtesy of good4utah.com.


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