Investigators Reveal What They Believe Led To Utah Dump Truck Driver Killing 6 People In Crash

Heber, Utah – Just before noon last Friday, Oct. 19, a dump truck traveling along State Route 40, near the Jordanelle Reservoir, crossed over the median and collided with a Dodge Ram pickup truck. Six people were packed into the pickup truck. Three people were ejected from the vehicle according to Utah Highway Patrol (UHP). The horrific accident killed all six passengers in the pickup truck.

Initial reports like the one above (video shared courtesy of said only four people were in the pickup truck and died. Those reports were later corrected as investigators found more bodies. Only the driver of the pickup truck has been identified at this time.

Now authorities are revealing what they say led to the accident. Driver of the dump truck, 41-year-old Jamie Don McKenzie, was intoxicated according to police. Officers say they found opened containers of beer and liquor along with prescription medication inside McKenzie’s truck.


McKenzie told investigators he had been drinking the night before, but not on the day of the crash. McKenzie was booked into Wasatch County jail on suspicion of six counts of automobile homicide. McKenzie reportedly would not agree to a blood draw following the accident. Authorities had to seek a warrant.

Sgt. Lawrence Hopper with the UHP said, “In my 13-year career, this is probably the worst crash I’ve ever seen.” Hopper said troopers had received multiple calls about the dump truck swerving and cutting off other vehicles in the minutes leading up to the crash.

Cover image courtesy of Utah Highway Patrol.


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