Investigators Searching for Trucker Blamed for 18,000 Acre Fire in Nevada

Douglas County, NV – Officials in Nevada are blaming a semi-truck for an 18,000 acre wildfire and are seeking the public’s help in locating the truck’s driver.

The Nevada fire — known as the “Numbers Fire” — was first detected on Monday, July 6 around 6:50 p.m. approximately ten miles southeast of Gardernsville, NV.


The fire spread rapidly, quickly causing road closures and evacuations in the area.

A preliminary investigation revealed several fires, deemed to be related to the Numbers Fire, along Highway 395.

As of publishing, the Numbers Fire has burned 18,380 acres and was just declared to be 100 percent contained for the first time since the blaze began more than a week ago.

The fire destroyed three homes and 37 outbuildings, authorities say.


On Monday, investigators revealed what they believe may have caused the blaze: a semi-truck.

According to a release from the East Fork Fire Protection District (EFFPD), “physical evidence” gathered by investigators indicate a semi “most likely experienced a failure in its exhaust system.”

Officials believe the unidentified semi was operating southbound on Highway 395 at the time of exhaust system’s failure.


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The failure, in turn, “allowed hot particles to be discharged along the highway right-of-way, igniting dry grass and brush,” investigators say.


Investigators with EFFPD, in conjunction with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, the Bureau of Land Management, and the USDA Forest Service, have been working together over the past week to determine the origin and cause of the Numbers Fire.

Authorities are asking anyone who may have additional information about a semi seen traveling southbound on Highway 395 around 6:45 p.m. on July 6 to reach out to [email protected].

All information shared will be kept confidential.



Photo courtesy National Wildfire Coordinating Group


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  1. If a meteor starts a fire are you going to hold the universe accountable. Come on dude things happen and most likely that trucker didn’t know. There’s thousands of trucks on the road. If there’s an accident and a fire starts are you going to hold them accountable. Stupid.

  2. First of all it was probably not a malfunction it was just the regeneration system kicking in but that’s the way Trucks are design now so go after the manufacturers.


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