Is Freedom Convoy Coming to America?

Washington, D.C. — Is Freedom Convoy coming to the United States of America?

In the last few days chatter on social media about bringing a nationwide convoy led by truckers to America has increased.


Many U.S. drivers have expressed hope that a similar demonstration as the unprecedented convoy Canadian truckers just accomplished will be replicated.

Multiple grassroots trucking organizers are now backing one such protest called the “March to Freedom Convoy to DC 2022.”

In numerous posts to a Facebook group called “Convoy to DC,” organizers say the demonstration will begin from two locations in California on March 1, 2022, and make its way across the country ending in the nation’s capital.


The stated goal will be to rally support for ending all COVID-19-related mandates and restrictions in the U.S.

In an appearance Monday night on Fox News, Convoy to DC 2022 organizer Brian Brase told Sean Hannity those planning the protest expect it to “grow exponentially over the next several days.”

“A lot of groups are coming together,” Brase said. “We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us.”


Transportation Nation Network (TNN) has spoken to multiple people involved in the planning and reached out to others in the grassroots community.

While multiple people claiming to be top organizers of Convoy to DC 2022 have yet to return our inquiries, others TNN spoke with over the last 48 hours — who also claim to have knowledge of the planning — expressed a range of expectations from cautious optimism to downright skepticism the event would actually occur as promised.

Numerous other grassroots organizers tell TNN they are aware of additional convoys also in the works. will have much more on this story soon.


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