It Wasn’t Crash That Killed Wisconsin Trucker, Police Say

Shenango Township, Pennsylvania – Truck driver Wayne Nelson Grahl, 53, of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, was pronounced dead on the scene of a semi-truck crash on Friday near the 1-mile marker of I-80 in Shenango Township.

Pennsylvania State Police said Grahl, who was hauling produce, was traveling west about a mile from the Ohio state line when he lost control of his tractor-trailer and slid off the highway. The big rig then flipped over in a ditch.

Though police said Grahl was not wearing a seat belt, he did not die from injuries sustained from the crash. Coroner John Libonati said Grahl died of natural causes due to a heart attack.


Libonati told the Sharon Herald that Grahls family confirmed he had been complaining of medical problems for quite some time.  “He was experiencing some medical issues in the days leading up to this event. His complaints last night gave a clear indication he was having medical issues. And he had a history of coronary artery disease,” Libonati said.

The death will not be recorded as a motor vehicle death according to Libonati. “It’s a natural death,” he said.

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