CONFLICTED? Lawyer for I-70 Crash Trucker Could be Replaced This Week

Denver, CO – Attorney for truck driver Rogel Lazaro Aguilera-Mederos, Robert Corry, could be out as defense counsel in the highly publicized I-70 crash case after Jefferson County prosecutors filed a motion asking a judge to at least temporarily appoint new counsel.

Aguilera-Mederos was back in a Denver courtroom earlier this month where he was expected to plead not guilty to the dozens of felony charges against him stemming from a fiery crash along I-70 that killed four people in April.

However, instead of entering his pleas, prosecutors filed a “Conflict-Free Representation” motion on behalf of Aguilera-Mederos, in the wake of Corry’s third arrest in four months.


Transportation Nation Network (TNN) reported earlier this month that Corry was arrested in September on numerous charges including: failure to report an accident, driving under the influence, careless driving, and leaving the scene of an accident involving injury.

Corry is also facing a list of charges from two more incidents going back to June, which include: aggravated motor vehicle theft, first-degree kidnapping, reckless endangerment, criminal mischief, and displaying/flourishing a weapon.

Due to Corry’s own legal troubles, Jefferson County prosecutors argue Aguilera-Mederos should be appointed “temporary conflict-free council” in order to help him decide if Corry can continue to act in the defendant’s best interest.


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Prosecutors also alleged Corry may not even be reviewing critical pieces of evidence in the case.

According to the electronic discovery logs, Corry has not downloaded available discovery documents provided by the district attorney’s office since July 8, 2019.


Corry has vowed to fight the prosecution’s motion.

A hearing on the matter is scheduled for this Wednesday, October 23.

As a result, Aguilera-Mederos’s arraignment has been pushed back to November 21.

It’s yet another twist in a case that has already been full of bizarre events.



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