Judge Denies Bail to Freedom Convoy President Citing ‘Safety and Protection of the Public’

Ottawa, ON — An Ottawa judge is refusing to grant bail to the former president of Freedom Convoy.

At a court hearing on Tuesday, Judge Julie Bourgeois refused to release Tamara Lich on $5,000 bail, instead choosing to keep her jailed indefinitely.

“I found your testimony to be guarded and your attitude almost to be obstructive,” Judge Bourgeois told Lich. “Your recent history in our city … satisfies me that your detention is necessary for the safety and protection of the public.”


Lich, who is charged with one count of counseling to commit the offense of mischief, has no criminal record and peacefully surrendered to police on Friday, February 18.

If convicted, she could face as many as ten years behind bars.

Though Lich agreed to the terms of release which included having no communication with fellow organizers and returning home to Medicine Hat, AB, the judge still refused.

“There is a substantial risk you will continue these actions and will not abide by an order,” Judge Bourgeois stated. “The accused is liable, upon conviction, a lengthy term of imprisonment.”


Notably, Bourgeois once sought political office in 2011 running as a Liberal candidate for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell.

Trucker and fellow co-founding organizer Chris Barber was released on $100,000 bail under terms he return home to Swfit Current, SK, and cease being a leader in the ongoing movement.

Barber is facing three charges including: counseling to commit the offense of mischief, counseling to commit the offense of disobey court order (s. 127), and counseling to commit the offense of obstruct police.


A third convoy organizer, Pat King, who was also arrested last week, had a court hearing today, but no decision on his release will be made until later this week.

King is facing charges of mischief, counseling to commit mischief, counseling to commit the offense of disobeying a court order and counseling to obstruct police.


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