Judge to Reconsider Trucker’s 110-Year Prison Term After Stunning New Developments

Following Public Outcry, Prosecutor Will Ask Judge To Resentence Aguilera-Mederos to 20-30 Years


Denver, CO — The Jefferson County judge who only last week sentenced trucker Rogel Lazaro Aguilera-Mederos to 110 years in prison stemming from a deadly 2019 crash on Interstate 70 will begin reconsideration of the sentence early next week.

Amid a flurry of stunning developments in the aftermath of the sentencing, Judge A. Bruce Jones has granted a motion filed by First Judicial District Attorney Alexis King — whose office won convictions on 27 criminal counts against the immigrant trucker — asking for a hearing to review the sentence in what she described as an “exceptional case involving unusual and extenuating circumstances.”


In a subsequent motion filed on Tuesday asking for an “expedited” review of her first motion, King said the victims and families of the deceased desired to be heard by the Court on the matter “as quickly as possible.”

James Colgan, lawyer for Aguilera-Mederos, told local outlet 9NEWS that Judge Jones has set a hearing to begin the process of reconsideration of the sentencing on Monday, December 27.

“It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my entire time I’ve been practicing law,” Colgan said. “It’s only been eight days since he was sentenced. But, you know, there’s been so much that has happened in that eight days, it seems like 15 years.”

WATCH more from Colgan below.

Judge Jones expressed dismay that Colorado law required him to sentence Aguilera-Mederos to the 10-year minimum for each of the six counts of first-degree assault with extreme indifference, to be served consecutively.

He was also bound by law to sentence the trucker to the minimum of five years for each of the 10 counts of attempted first-degree assault with extreme indifference, also to be served consecutively.


An intense public outcry erupted in the days following the sentencing.

Transportation Nation Network (TNN) was among the first news outlets in the world to report on the Change.org petition — now with nearly 4.7 million signatures — demanding Colorado Governor Jared Polis (D) offer commutation or grant clemency to Aguilera-Mederos.

At a press briefing on Tuesday, Gov. Polis was asked about the case and indicated his office has received a clemency application.

“We received the application yesterday during the afternoon from [Aguilera-Mederos’s] lawyer,” Polis responded in Spanish. “My legal team is reviewing it now. When we have a decision, we’ll announce it.”


Meanwhile, the reaction within the trucking community has been deeply divided with impassioned opinions on both sides.

TNN was the first media outlet to report on a movement among some truckers to boycott all pickups and deliveries within the state of Colorado in a demonstration of outrage over the sentencing.

Browse TNN’s complete coverage of the case HERE.

Already this week, TNN broke the news that grassroots trucking organizers are planning a rally set for January 6-7, 2022, to call on Gov. Polis to reduce the sentence.

Click HERE to read more about the two-day protest.

Trusted sources have also informed TNN on developing possibilities of additional protests and high-profile demonstrations.

Stay logged on to TransportationNation.com for more soon on this fast-moving story.

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Comment (4)

  1. Yet another coward let out of the obligation of his solmn vows to the public conscious. He manslaughtered 4 people and injured 10 others because he is an adrenaline junkie. He was lined up with the runaway ramp and chickened out. He couldn’t face it so he is facing something far worse.

    When you come off the hill with a loaded truck you need to be fully aware that it is show time . No mistakes.

    Maybe 110 years is a little harsh but answer this- what possible good will he ever be or do on the outside that will be of any value? His sentence is life no matter what and he will serve every day . Either in prison or locked in his own head. He will not get out of that no matter what the judge does. There is not a moment left for him on this earth that will ever be peaceful unless he tries to steal it.

    That there is a public outcry seems to indicate to me that the nations moral and ethical compass is broken. He hasn’t even really recognized his own guilt. Where are the tears for his victims? No, he only has tears for himself.

    He should do at least 25 years . Maybe time off for good behavior maybe not.

    I I were him I would have been so broken by what I did I wouldn’t even care how long I was incarcerated. 110 years, a 110 minutes, what would it matter after that? My life would be over anyway. It would be a mercy if he were offered poison to drink.

    1. Some of us can continue to work just fine. Thanks for your judgment, but you’re weak. Every paragraph in your message speaks to how narrow-minded and how unwilling you are to adapt to your circumstances.

      What he did was absolutely wrong, but it’s not a reason to give up. Keep punching that time clock and allowing other’s to run your life.

  2. Thank you Royce!!! My totally agree with you to the fact he deserves prison time due to his negligence. And as well, his company should be held liable for all damages for hiring a driver that was unqualified to driving that type of load in that type of terrain.

  3. He should definitely face some sentence, but 110 years seems excessive. However, read the article, the law required the judge to impose those terms. If the people are that outraged by it, then Colorado citizens need to get their state legislature to change the law.


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