Kick Back, Relax and Watch These Classic Trucking Movies For FREE

Little Rock, AR – There’s nothing like kicking back, relaxing and watching a good movie after a hard day’s work.

If you’re in the mood for a classic trucker flick, Transportation Nation Network has you covered.

Here are six of our favorite trucker movies from years past and — BONUS! — a link to watch each of them for free.

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Convoy is a 1978 action-comedy starring Kris Kristofferson, Ali MacGraw, Ernest Borgnine, Burt Young, Madge Sinclair and Franklyn Ajaye.

Kristofferson plays trucker Martin “Rubber Duck” Penwald who uses his trusty CB radio to warn other truckers of the presence of police.

However, conniving Sheriff Lyle “Cottonmouth” Wallace (played by Borgnine) begins to trick the truckers by covertly communicating with them via CB.

Facing constant harassment from the law, Rubber Duck and his pals use their radios to coordinate a vast convoy and rule the road.

Released on the heels of the iconic 1977 film Smokey and the Bandit, Convoy was released in summer of 1978 in 700 theaters in the United States and Canada.

It received mixed reviews from critics.

Watch the entire movie HERE.



Jerry Reed plays the “Iron Duke,” an independent trucker who stands up to the local trucker boss with the help of his friend Rane (played by Peter Fonda).

High-Ballin’ has been described as “a modern day western, with trucks instead of horses.”

It was officially released in Canada in May 1978 and the U.S. three months later.

It was televised nationally on CBS on November 28, 1978.

Filmed in Canada, it featured a “flaming cannon roll” special effect, which had not previously been attempted in a motion picture.

It had a budget of $2 million, which is equivalent to nearly $8.5 million in 2021.

Watch the entire movie HERE.



Willa is a 1979 made-for-TV film about a truck stop waitress who dreams of becoming a trucker.

Willa is the mother of two children (and pregnant with her third). She desires to make a better life for her young children after being abandoned by her husband.

With a dream of following in her father’s footsteps, Willa is determined to embark on new career as a trucker in the rig her late father used to drive.

She waitresses during the day and loads produce at night in exchange for truck-driving lessons.

Willa was released in the U.S. on March 17, 1979.

The film stars Deborah Raffin as Willa, and also features Clu Gulager, Diane Ladd, John Amos, and Cloris Leachman.

Watch the entire movie HERE.


Breaker! Breaker!

Breaker! Breaker! is a 1977 American action film about tough guy trucker J.D. Dawes (Chuck Norris) who drives his big rig to a little desert town and smack into the middle of a cesspool of criminality — all to rescue his brother, rookie trucker Billy (Michael Augenstein), who has been kidnapped.

But the perpetrators are not ordinary criminals.

A wicked public servant, Judge Joshua Trimmings (George Murdock), runs the town and especially hates truckers.

The judge and his minions do their best to break Dawes down.

But, Dawes retaliates with swift and severe vengeance.

Norris said he was paid $5,000 to do the film and it was shot in only 11 days.

It received relatively poor reviews from critics, but Norris explained it was received well among its audience.

“It was amazing, people loved it anyway. It’s a down-home kind of movie,” Norris said.

According to Norris, Breaker! Breaker! was his dad’s favorite film he ever made.

Watch the entire movie HERE.


White Line Fever

Set in Arizona in the 1970s, White Line Fever follows Carrol Jo (“CJ”) Hummer, a young married man who becomes an independent over-the-road trucker.

He soon discovers the seedy underbelly of the trucking industry and decides to fight corruption alongside his new wife, Jerri.

The action/drama was released in summer 1975 in both the United States and Canada and was considered a success, bringing in millions to the box office.

The movie features a 1974 Ford WT-9000 as CJ’s truck throughout the film.

Red Sovine — whose 1976 song “Teddy Bear” is still a favorite among truckers — appears in the movie as a truck salesman.

Watch the entire movie HERE.


Over The Top

Sylvester Stallone stars as Lincoln Hawk in this 1987 movie about a trucker who moonlights as an arm-wrestler to try to raise enough money to start his own trucking company.

The movie’s writer, Stirling Silliphant, described the film as “an action love story with the emphasis on action.”

“It’s the story of a man (Stallone) trying to win back the love of his son and win the world arm-wrestling championship in Las Vegas,” Silliphant put simply.

Stallone was reportedly paid $12 million for starring in the movie.

The film was shot from June to August 1986 and was released in February 1987.

The soundtrack to the movie featured artists such as Kenny Loggins, Sammy Hagar and Eddie Money.

Watch the entire movie HERE.

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