King of the Road (Independent Movie – 2011)

Eager to show America the reality of truckers’ lives, the owner of a long-haul trucking company forces five of his drivers to star in a home-grown reality TV show. But as the truckers compete to win the $200,000 grand prize big-rig, their unscripted, surprising personalities get in the way, threatening to unravel the owner’s neat perception of truckers, and ultimately, questioning the role of reality television in America.

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Director: Ami Cuneo
Executive Producer: John Daniels
Producer: Matt Houchin

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  1. worked there what a joke got hungery hauling cheap broker freight ,was a contract driver for a man busted for buying a young girl in albert lee,mn was rel inpressed when i went there left almost broke like the work but not in the club going to go broke waiting for aload in parking lot


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