Knight-Swift Truck Drivers Could Soon Be Teaming With Self-Driving Trucks

Phoenix, AZ — Truck drivers for one of America’s largest trucking companies could soon be teaming with self-driving trucks.

In an announcement this week, Embark Trucks Inc. said it was launching its Truck Transfer Program (TTP) and Knight-Swift Transportation would be the first customer.


The TTP will give Knight-Swift executives direct access to Embark’s technology while also placing its own drivers behind-the-wheel of the self-driving vehicles.

The TTP agreement with Knight-Swift marks the first public initiative through which a U.S.-based carrier will directly own and maintain Embark-equipped trucks.


Embark said the agreement “aims to unlock the next level of development necessary for commercialization.”

“The program will help Knight-Swift determine how best to utilize its limited driver workforce to address the growing demands of the national supply chain, such as when to have drivers haul loads alongside autonomous capacity, when to have drivers team-drive with the Embark Driver, or under what circumstances to have drivers move local hauls to fulfill the last mile,” Embark said.


To ensure “seamless integration” of driverless technology, Embark said the two companies are developing workflows to account for truck maintenance, dispatching, and IT integration points.

Knight-Swift is expected to begin taking delivery of the first Embark-equipped trucks and deploying them in daily operations by the end of 2022.

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