Laredo Police And SWAT Team Called To Stand Off With Gunman At A Flying J

Laredo, Texas – In a report first filed by, Laredo Police (LPD) say a gunman has been detained in connection to a shooting on Wednesday night at a Flying J location off of Interstate 35. According to authorities, they were called to the scene after witnesses heard gunshots. A brief stand-off then ensued when police officers arrived on the scene. A man, who police described as in his mid-40’s, but have not yet released his identity, was inside a trailer where truckers receive medical services. Police say they heard more shots after arriving, though the shots did not appear to be directed at authorities.

LPD officers evacuated the nearby Denny’s and the Flying J.¬†Negotiators and the SWAT team also responded to the scene. Police said they were concerned the man may had taken hostages. However, they later discovered he was alone in the trailer. No one has been reported injured or shot.


As of 10 p.m. Wednesday evening, no charges have been brought against the man. Many details have yet to be reported, but we will continue to follow this story closely as it develops overnight. Check back to for the latest on this and other developing trucking news stories 24/7.

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