Las Vegas Leaders Crackdown on Truckers, Commissioner Vows More To Come

Clark County, NV – Clark County officials recently made good on their promise to crackdown on big rigs parked in residential areas by adopting a new ordinance to do just that.

Transportation Nation Network (TNN) reported last month that Clark County Commissioner Tick Segerblom was urging action to ramp up enforcement and increase fines for truckers who park semi-trucks in residential areas.

He put forward an ordinance that won support of county commissioners on August 6.


The newly adopted ordinance amends Clark County Code and allows Metro Police, county code enforcement officers and the constable’s office to ticket commercial vehicles parked in residential neighborhoods.

Violators also face a $100 fine for the first offense, $250 for the second offense and $500 for each subsequent offense.

Additionally, the new ordinance allows Metro Police and county code enforcement officers to tow vehicles following a 72-hour warning notice.

Previously, only the Las Vegas Constable’s Office had jurisdiction over ticketing and towing vehicles.

However, even though Segerblom successfully fought for the new ordinance, he vows to do more.


He’s expressed frustration over state laws NRS 484B and NRS 487 which require a 72-hour notice on vehicles illegally parked before an actual citation can be issued or a removal can be ordered.

In a recent interview with local news outlet The Nevada IndependentSegerblom said he intends to take the issue to the state legislature with the goal of eliminating the 72-hour notification requirement and replacing it with something more “reasonable.”


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While Segerblom says he is aware that truckers are a “vital part of the community” and are also facing a shortage of parking options, he asserts they are taking advantage of the leniency of the laws.

He told the news outlet that if more is not done to crackdown on violators then the problem is only going to worsen.

Clark County is yet another example of how city leaders are seeking to deal with an increasing number of big rigs parked in their communities.


Just last week TNN reported on new developments in Minneapolis, MN where leaders are considering even more extreme measures to crackdown on commercial vehicles.

Big rig parking is already banned in residential areas, but City Council Vice President Andrea Jenkins is pushing for a new ordinance that she says could go so far as to ban big rig parking completely.

Jenkins said semis being parked in front of apartment complexes, banks and local businesses for extended periods of time are creating “real significant safety issues” for city motorists.

Jenkins plans to introduce the ordinance at a committee hearing on August 20.

TNN will continue to monitor these ongoing stories as well as many others involving the parking shortage.

Photo courtesy FOX5 Las Vegas


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