Lawmaker Warns Truckers are in “Imminent Danger,” Calls on FMCSA to Suspend H.O.S.


EXCLUSIVE: Lawmaker Says USDOT is “Failing Truckers” Amid Rising Violence, Supports Shutdown

EXCLUSIVE: FMCSA “Concerned” About Rising Violence Toward Truckers, “Actively Reviewing” the Issue

Jefferson City, MO – Truckers continue to face unprecedented dangers amid the recent widespread social uprisings and at least one lawmaker is speaking up and demanding action.

Missouri State Representative Mike Moon is calling on United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) Secretary Elaine Chao and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to immediately suspend hours of service (HOS) regulations for all “freight haulers.”


In a letter dated June 23 to Missouri Governor Mike Parson, Rep. Moon expresses his deep concern for truckers’ safety.

“Violent protests threaten the disruption of American lives and commerce,” he writes. “Specifically, individuals who transport goods across the country have been threatened and/or met with violence. Because of the increased risks, truckers must be afforded every opportunity to travel safely and deliver their load(s) to the intended destination.”

Rep. Moon further explains, “Often, the safest route is not the quickest (or direct) one. Unfortunately, due to the restrictive HOS requirement (included as part of the ELD – Electronic Logging Device Mandate), drivers are not afforded the ability to re-route their trip because the trip clock may not allow sufficient time for extended travel.”


The State Representative argues the “inability to choose the safest route places drivers in imminent danger of assault, injury and or death, potential loss of freight, and damage to their vehicles.”

He urges Gov. Parson to contact Sec. Chao and “request an immediate HOS exemption.”


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Further, Rep. Moon says charges must be brought against those who have engaged in many of the illegal behaviors we have witnessed in recent weeks, specifically those who have placed the safety of truckers in jeopardy.

“It is more than ironic that, at least in some instances, no charges have been brought against the offenders. At least one incident occurred within our state borders. Action must be taken to ensure the safety of Missourians and those who travel our roadways,” he writes.


Rep. Moon’s call for action comes as reports continue to surface of truckers being targeted in cities across America.

The most recent came last week when a local crime blotter in Minneapolis, MN reported group of four males were “attacking trucks and trying to get truck drivers out of vehicles.”

Violent crime is spiking in many major U.S. cities as Transportation Nation Network (TNN) reported over the weekend.

A growing number of truckers are expressing safety concerns and are choosing to stay home until the threats can be quelled.

Click HERE to read more of what truckers are saying.

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Comment (5)

  1. Very true. Allowing to have truckers with no HOS would allow them to reroute as they need to take every precaution necessary. And as for rioters who are attacking truckers, they need to be prosecuted to the highest extent. We dont go to their homes and destroy their belongings, so why give them a slap on the hand when they want to destroy what we work hard for? This is how we make our money to support our families.

  2. The HOS doesn’t need fixed. These goverments need to do what they are paid to do and protect it’s citizens. Stop trying to be gentle to these thugs. As for drivers, stop delivering to cities still protesting. It’s that simple. Your not obligated to put yourself in harms way and when these cities stop receiving goods due to their inaction handling these criminals. Maybe then the government will do it’s job and drop the hammer on these thugs who want to be able to commit crimes and not worry about repercussions.

  3. Large companies will resist allowing us to stop delivering where protesters are present. I think now is the time to give trucker’s a break. Let us have a 16 hour work day, let us use 4 hours a day for our choice of rest or personal travel for safety. Only mandate an 8 hour block in a 24 hr. day for our sleep period. See how well we could do our jobs with our true safety in mind. I think suspending hours of service totally is not as good as letting us try a more relative approach for safer travels from here forward.

  4. If you’re scared, go to church but constantly whining makes me question the manhood of today’s so called truckers. Never met a bigger bunch of whiners, basically a bunch of racist cowards masquerading as safety advocates. If it had the same probability of happening as getting struck by lightning it’s usually a good idea to ignore it. Stop being scary little girls, turn off Fox News and do your job. Riots and protest will happen, so will rain sleet and snow. You’re more likely to get robbed by a lot lizard in Montana than have your truck looted anywhere. And none of it has anything to do with the new HOS rules. Grow a pair and stop whining, losers!

  5. It is even worse for solo women drivers. Just had a bad experience the first part of June in Chicago. To top it all 9ff the company I drove for wanted me to turn around and return to deliver load “since I made it into and out of the area and wait 1 1/2 hours for backup spotter. Can’t rely on government or companies to look out for the safety of their citizens or workers. Bottom line freight is more important than my life.


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