Legendary Iowa Truck Stop To Be Reborn, Purchased At Auction

Williams, Iowa – Many in the trucking community were saddened to learn that the beloved Boondocks USA Truck Stop was shutting their doors to the public. Owners of 45 years, Bob and Mim Welch, closed the iconic Iowa business back in October.

However, Boondocks USA is soon to be reborn. According to the Des Moines Register, Boondocks USA will be back and better than ever. That’s right. The property was purchased at auction on Wednesday by California-based trucking company Anyway Logistics, Inc. for $500,000. “Our plan is to reopen it and do the same thing they were doing before,” said David Bhillon, Anyway president. “We will just clean up the property and bring it up to date.”

Bhillon says he was not really aware of the historic nature of the Iowa truck stop, but thought it was a sound investment because of where it is located along I-35. This purchase is the first of its kind for the 24-truck fleet. Bhillon says he’s under no illusions of how difficult it will be to rebuild and operate this business. “We know it is going to take a lot to clean it up,” he said.


Boondocks first opened June 5, 1973 and owner Bob Welch told weareiowa.com that he “worked seven days-a-week” up until the last two years when he suffered a fall. Mr. Welch said it’s became harder and harder to compete with the bigger truck stop chains both in attracting customers and hiring and retaining employees which led to the closure. He also made it clear that Mim, his wife, has been wanting to take some time to relax now that she’s 81 and he’s 83.

The last day of operation by the Welch’s was October 20 of this year. It is not yet known when Boondocks USA will be re-opened by its new owner or if it will even share the same name. Bhillon says they are researching whether the company will be able to preserve the name.

We’ll keep you posted on any new developments in this story.



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