Load Of Highly Flammable Axe Body Spray Cans Ignites And Goes Kaboom!

Belton, Texas – Last Friday afternoon at 3:42 a.m. a semi driver navigating along I-35, about 60 miles north of Austin, noticed a fire in his rearview mirror. That fire happened to be burning inside of his trailer. Now, this is never a good thing, but it is especially hazardous when your load is highly flammable. That was indeed the case as this trucker was hauling a shipment of the popular body spray, Axe. The aerosol cans are incredibly combustible as the video above, taken by a witness, shows.

The trucker was able to get the rig to the shoulder and, with the help of nearby road maintenance crew members, was able to quickly detach the trailer before the fire reached the cans. However, when the fire made its way through the trailer the spray cans began exploding and the fire erupted. Each “popping” can only made the fire rage that much more intensely. Belton firefighters and police officers responded to the incident. The city received 31 emergency calls at the time of the accident.

Becca Paige lives only one mile from where the incident occurred. She shot some incredible video of the scene. She says she initially thought she was hearing gunshots. She posted that video on Facebook. Check it out below.


Multiple reports say that authorities confirmed quite a bit of damage was inflicted on the roadway as well as completely obliterating the trailer. Jodi Wheatley, spokeswoman for the Texas Department of Transportation, said a section of I-35 in Belton will have to be repaved, but the highway was stable enough for substantial traffic expected for the Labor Day holiday weekend. Emergency response crews were able to get all lanes of traffic flowing again in about eight hours. As for the quick-thinking trucker, he and a passenger with him walked away unharmed. Authorities are still investigating the cause of the fire.

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