Log Truck Driver’s Brakes Fail Causing Collision With Business Building

York, Alabama – It’s one of the biggest fears for every trucker, that moment you realize your brakes are failing on you.

It happened to a log truck driver in York, Alabama, yesterday morning when the log truck struck a local insurance building. Police Chief Ray McVay told wtok.com, “It appears after speaking with the driver, he came off of Country Club Road here, and when he came off there he noticed his brakes weren’t stopping. So he said he thinks his air brakes went out and that didn’t allow him to stop so he just came on across the road at a minimal speed but it was going fast enough to clear that hill then go up there.”

Thankfully, no one including the driver was hurt in the incident.

Video report shared courtesy of wtok.com.



VIDEO: Horrifying ‘Brake Failure’ Costs Trucker His Life






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