Logging Truck ‘Plows’ Through Forest Activists’ Banner

Scotia, California – Humboldt County Police were called to Humboldt Redwood Company on Thursday at 2:30 p.m. because protestors were preventing big rigs loaded with logs from exiting Highway 101. You see a Berkely, California-based conservationist group, Bay Area Headwaters, along with the Mattole Forest Defenders, was demonstrating their disapproval of what they believe is the decimation of the nearby Mattole Forest. They say Humboldt Redwood Company’s practices are threatening the forest and they want to see the discontinued use of ‘herbicides and logging.’ Until they do they say, they will not relent in their ‘forest defense campaign.’

This obviously did not sit well with one trucker who shockingly ‘plowed’ through a sign being held by protestors. Protestors were quick to immediately condemn the trucker’s actions in a statement reading: “As demonstrators talked to some HRC employees and truckers and played music, suddenly a big rig truck with its bed folded up came from the mill and without slowing, plowed through the 15 ft. long banner, being held by people at either side, with others gathered around the banner. As people frantically leapt out of the way, yelling at the driver to stop, he kept going, narrowly missing a number of people as they scattered.”

The California Highway Patrol was also called to the scene where officers assessed the situation and determined that no crime had been committed and no charges would be filed

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