“Lost” Truck Driver Plows Through Neighborhood Prompting Residents To Call For Truck Ban

Crescent Township, Pennsylvania – Crescent Township Police have identified the big rig driver they say got “lost” and is responsible for destroying mailboxes, ripping up yards, running over street signs and physically assaulting a man in a residential area Wednesday evening.

KDKA 2 reported that resident Jeremiah Hall went outside into his front yard to check on his dog when he saw and heard the red tractor-trailer. Hall, who is deaf, says the driver of the big rig assaulted him. “I had no idea he was talking, and then he pushed me. He grabbed me about my throat,” said Hall. “And I got mad, and was going to follow him, and I thought I’d better not, so I turned around and came back home.”

Police took to Facebook to solicit help from community members who might be able to assist them in their investigation.



The trucking company is cooperating with the investigation and has agreed to share the dash cam video of the incident, according to police via a subsequent Facebook post. In the post, police said, “Charges will be pending, once our investigation is complete. The driver is allegedly from Missouri and is currently heading into the companies terminal in Kentucky.”



Crescent Township Police are also indicating at this time that the Public Works Director, Brian Cain, will be ordering signs instructing big rigs to keep out of these residential areas.



KDKA 2 is also reporting that local residents are joining together to call for a ban on trucks in their neighborhood in the wake of this incident and previous incidents involving tractor-trailers in the recent past.

Video shared courtesy of KDKA 2-TV.



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