Louisiana Trucking Company Slaps Lawsuit on Big Rig Crash Fraudsters

New Orleans, LA – A Louisiana-based intermodal carrier has filed a federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) civil lawsuit against a New Orleans personal injury lawyer and two others who are already convicted in a ring of staged crashes.

In a 56-page lawsuit filed on September 1, 2020, in U.S. District Court Eastern District of Louisiana, Southeastern Motor Freight (SMF) alleges lawyer Daniel Patrick Keating conspired with Damian Labeaud and Mario Solomon to stage two crashes involving SMF rigs.


The crashes were staged on June 12 and July 6 of 2017.

“Southeastern Motor Freight Inc. was a victim of a racketeering enterprise and scheme existing between Mr. Keating of Nugent Keating law firm, Mr. Labeaud and Mr. Solomon to conspire to stage multiple accidents involving tractor-trailers for the purpose of defrauding the owner of the tractor-trailer and its insurer in a bodily injury claim arising out of the staged accident, and to conspire to commit wire fraud in connection with the staged accidents,” the complaint states.

SMF contends Keating paid the scammers in return for referrals of other members of the fraud ring, who would then falsely claim to be injured in the accidents and blame the truckers.

SMF is is seeking damages including costs associated with defending against multiple lawsuits filed by Keating on behalf of people who participated in the schemes and claimed they were injured.


Labeaud and Solomon have each already pleaded guilty to federal charges that they knowingly and willfully conspired to defraud trucking companies and the trucking companies’ insurers in a wide-ranging criminal enterprise.


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In addition to Labeaud and Solomon, U.S. prosecutors have so far indicted 15 people in connection to the criminal behavior.

In fact, eleven more people allegedly involved in the scams were indicted just last month.

Click HERE to read more on the new indictments.


However, Keating has yet to be criminally charged and is only identified in the indictments as “Attorney A.”

Transportation Nation Network (TNN) will continue to follow this case.



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