Love’s Caught in Uproar After Cop Says She Was Denied Service at On-Property Restaurant

Richmond Hill, GA – A Georgia police officer’s recent video claiming she was denied service at a fast food restaurant inside of a Love’s Travel Stop is creating another mess for the truck stop chain.

On Wednesday, a tearful video surfaced of a police officer identified as “Officer Stacy” claiming she was fearful to eat a meal she ordered at a McDonald’s inside of a Love’s located at 8436 Ford Ave in Richmond Hill, GA.


In the video, she says she placed a mobile order for a breakfast meal and was going to pick it up on her way home.

When she arrived in the drive-thru to pick up her meal, she says a McDonald’s employee told her she would have to wait.

Officer Stacy then claims she waited and waited, until finally an employee asked for her order again and instructed her to pull up and someone would bring her food out when it was ready.

After waiting for a bit longer, Officer Stacy says an employee came out with only a cup of coffee and not the food she had also ordered.


“Right now I’m too nervous to take a meal from McDonald’s because I can’t see it being made,” Officer Stacy says. “I don’t know what’s going on with people nowadays, but please, just give us a break. Have a heart and if you see an officer just tell them ‘Thank you.’”

WATCH the viral video below

Social media quickly erupted over Officer Stacy’s claims.

Twitter and Facebook were flooded with passionate responses from those applauding Officer Stacy for speaking up and also from those now calling for her firing.

Investigation Ongoing

Transportation Nation Network (TNN) has confirmed the video is real and identified her as Officer Stacy Talbert currently employed by the McIntosh Police Department (MPD) in Darien, GA.

An MPD representative told TNN that Officer Stacy’s supervisor has been made aware of the controversy and an investigation is ongoing.

Since the incident occurred in nearby Richmond Hill (about 44 miles north of Darien), investigators with the Richmond Hill Police Department (RHPD) questioned McDonald’s employees about the incident on Wednesday morning.


Captain Brad Sykes tells TNN, “We’ve been getting lots of phone calls and messages about it.”

Sykes says that based on RHPD’s investigation, “No crime was committed.”

McDonald’s and Love’s Responds

A McDonald’s spokesperson tells TNN the entire incident is a “misunderstanding.”

“This customer was not denied service, and the delay in receiving her order was not intentional nor due to the fact that she is a police officer,” the spokesperson said. “Immediately after hearing about her experience, the restaurant manager and owners reached out to apologize and offer to correct the inaccurate order during her next visit.”


Further, the owners of the McDonald’s, Gary and Jill Stanberry, also released a statement to TNN.

Our priority is for all customers to feel welcome and enjoy a great customer experience in our family-owned restaurants, including local law enforcement officers who protect and serve our community.  

Unfortunately, we were made aware of a local police officer who experienced a longer than usual wait time and did not receive her full order right away at one of our restaurants.

We have been in contact with this officer to apologize for this unsatisfactory experience and let her know that we would love to correct the inaccurate order when she has time.

Still, it hasn’t stopped the deluge of angry calls into the Love’s at that location.

The phone lines have been jammed all day.


Caitlin Campbell, media relations specialist with Love’s, was quick to point out to TNN, “This McDonald’s is not owned or operated by Love’s.”

Even still, Love’s is once again dealing with the fallout from a controversial incident.

In May, a security guard at a Love’s in Memphis, TN was caught on video threatening to shoot a trucker over a parking dispute.

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NYPD Officers Claim They Were Poisoned

Perhaps Officer Stacy was at a heightened sense of alert after reports multiple New York police officers claimed they were intentionally poisoned this week.


A similar controversy arose on Monday night after officers with the New York Police Department (NYPD) claimed milk shakes they ordered at a Shake Shack in Manhattan had been contaminated by a cleansing agent.

Shake Shack denied that its employees harmed the officers or that the milk shakes were contaminated.

A company statement released on Tuesday said, “At this point we have found no evidence in our internal investigation, nor have we heard from authorities, that there was any contamination in the shakes.”

After an investigation into that matter, NYPD Chief Rodney Harrison also said on Tuesday, “It has been determined that there was no criminality by Shake Shack’s employees.”


New York Mayor Bill de Blasio blasted the officers and the police union.

“Last night, there was an allegation that some police officers were poisoned at a Shake Shack,” de Blasio said on Tuesday at a press conference. “They—the unions—broadcast this on Twitter all night, turned out to be untrue and false. So, they basically defamed this restaurant chain and acted irresponsibly and I’m just wondering whether there are consequences for that?”

It is unclear what, if any, consequences the NYPD officers might face.

The same is true for Officer Stacy.

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