Love’s Ending Mask Mandate For ‘Fully Vaccinated’ Customers Only

Oklahoma City, OK – Truck stop giant Love’s Travel Stops is lifting its nearly year-long mask mandate for some customers and employees, beginning June 15.

On Thursday, the company stated it will stop requiring customers and employees to wear masks, given they are “fully vaccinated.”


“Non-vaccinated customers and employees are still being asked to wear masks, reflecting Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance,” Love’s said in a release.

Additionally, the company specified mask mandates will still be in place for states, counties and cities where masks are still required.

According to Love’s, the company will be performing “stringent cleaning measures, practicing social distancing and using plexiglass at its locations.”

“The past 15 months have been challenging for customers and team members, so we’re pleased the country has made such great strides against the pandemic to get to this point,” said Love’s President Shane Wharton. “We will continue to be diligent about health and safety as ever before.”


In January, Love’s announced it would be providing employees with a $75 “incentive for voluntarily receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.”

To date, Love’s has over 560 locations in 41 states.


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