Love’s Responds After Security Guard Caught on Video Threatening to Shoot Trucker

Memphis, TN – Love’s Travel Stops is speaking out about an incident over the weekend in which a security guard was caught on video threatening to shoot a trucker over a parking dispute.

In an exclusive interview with Transportation Nation Network (TNN), trucker Joshua Andrews, 41, of Ripley, MS, says he pulled into a Love’s located at 3371 Lamar Avenue in Memphis around 9:15 a.m. on Sunday.

Andrews spent about half an hour searching for parking in the back of the truck stop to no avail before parking in a “front lot.”


Initially, he was told he could park there by a security guard on duty, but a couple of hours later he was confronted by a different security guard aggressively telling him he had to move.

What happened next was all caught on video.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out HERE.

However, during the course of the exchange the security guard identified only as Officer Holton, threatened Andrews with lethal force.

At the video’s 2-minute mark, a portion of Holton’s comment can be heard saying, “…you’re going to get your ass kicked… or shot. Make sure you record that too.”

Holton continued, “It’s an imminent promise.”


Love’s Responds

A Love’s spokesperson is now speaking out about the entire incident telling TNN the security guard will no longer be allowed on the property.

“Love’s takes this situation seriously and does not tolerate the behavior exhibited by the security guard in this video,” Caitlin Campbell, media relations specialist for Love’s said. “The security guard in this video is not a Love’s employee, but we have contacted the company that sent him to our store, and he will not be allowed back on Love’s property.”


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Further, Campbell assured such conduct does not align with truck stop giant’s values.

“Professional drivers keep America moving – especially at times like these – and we welcome them 24/7/365,” she told TNN.

Andrews tells TNN he has retained legal counsel and is advised to keep his communications with Love’s confidential at this time.

Truckers Sound Off

Truckers have been angrily reacting all day across social media about what they witnessed in the video.


Here’s a sampling of what TNN’s followers are saying.

David Wissinger II said, “Rent-a-cop should be fired, and since he works for Love’s according to the manager they are responsible for his actions!”

Kevin Hinkle commented, “It’s sad the b.s. truckers gotta go through. Yes and some bring [it] on themselves, BUT getting a parking spot to sleep is essential to the driver’s life and yours.

Mary Day praised Andrews for remaining calm. “A coward wanna be who thinks he has some AUTHORITY! Makes him feel so important in his own little mind. Hats off to the trucker for keeping his cool.”

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Comment (5)

  1. I’m happy to see some of the more pleasant comments, And disheartened by the negative ones, its apparent that the comments blaming the driver are not nor have never been a truck driver or a passenger of a truck driver. First he had permission prior to, the Security Officer should have contacted his supervisor and had the supervisor confirm the drivers statement from the officer he relieved, which would have eliminated the confusion, and the loss of his job, or the ability to get another job as a security guard. The security officers has forever branded himself as a disgruntled individual who makes terrorists threats to others with the intent to cause bodily harm if not fatal harm. The guard allowed his personal issues to filter over into his job causing the current outcome. I pray that he seeks help, and if he has a family they will not be affected by this. Mr. Andrews I applaud you for 1. Staying calm, 2. Not taking matter into your own hands. Thank you for showing not all truck drivers are hot heads. I also thank you for allowing us as the people to see firsthand how our drivers are treated behind the seen. Thank you again a fellow driver.

  2. Guard should be fired. But, driver created the issue and his attitude of entitlement thinking he can park his truck wherever he wants is wrong. A driver with 7 yrs of experience knows that Loves doesn’t have a guaranteed parking spot 24-7 at that location. That driver willingly created the problem and Loves should tell him to pound salt and become a better planner of his time.

    1. The driver was told he could park there by the previous guard. Sounds like to me there was just a lack of communication between the guards. Regardless the guard still could have handled it better then he did without going crazy over a parking space. I dont see the driver being in the wrong.

  3. I’m a trucker and I’m from Memphis, this doesnt surprise me at all I just knew one day thsomeof these flash light wanna be cops gonna get what their asking for or FIRED due to their rudeness, disrespectfulness I dnt know where they come from but hey I always have told them dnt f with me because imma put you in ur place .I reports to the Supervisor, and Corporate office. They running around there acting like the iron steel man. And shit THNK. GOD THE BASTARD IS FINALLY GONE.LOL WE ARE THE ONES THAT KEEPING THIS STORE AND AND EVERY OTGER STIRE RUNNING ..U GUYS WOULDNT GET PAID AT ALL NOR WOULD BE THERE IF IT WASNT FOR US, WE KEEPS TGE WORLD MOVING…DNT EVER FORGET THAT

  4. In Mrs. Henderson. The security guard was just acting white, this is the normal way white people, usually talk to us. I wasn’t even parked yet and the guard threatened to call the police on me, because another driver called and said I was blocking him, which I was driving in a circle looking for a park. This man was upset a Black person told him what to do, period. Then the officer got upset and ended up letting his anger get the best of him. If it were a Black trucker, like myself and a white guard, you would feel differently. You would say, why didnt I just move. Truth


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