Major Truck Stop Chains Reporting Diesel Outages, Capping Fuel Purchases

Columbus, OH — Two major truck stop chains are currently reporting diesel outages and fuel shortages at some locations.

According to an email notice sent to customers late Thursday afternoon, Pilot-Flying J (PFJ) informed that four of its stores in the Columbus, OH, area are “facing extremely tight diesel supply conditions.”


“We are working to manage demand across our stores and as a result, select locations may be temporarily down on diesel until the supply situation improves,” wrote David Hughes, senior vice president of sales. “Our team is bringing in support from surrounding markets to maintain supply at the majority of our locations to keep your fleets fueled.”

Below are the affected locations and the nearby alternate locations diesel is available.

Travel Centers of America (TA) is also reportedly having difficulty supplying at least one of its locations.


Trucker and loyal Transportation Nation Network (TNN) reader, Clinton Kirker, reported that a TA located at 1700 U.S. Rte 66 West, Moriarty, NM, is currently capping diesel purchases at 60 gallons.

Pictures of posted signs read:

Attention customers; At this time you can only get 60 gallons of diesel, this includes reefer. Please DO NOT PUMP 60 gallons. YOUR CARD will FAIL and you will have to come inside. There is a fuel shortage at this time. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


TA has not issued a public statement regarding the current situation at this location or any other stores which may be currently limiting fuel purchases. will update you if/when we get more news on these developing stories.

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