Man Caught Attacking Trucker on Infuriating DashCam Video Given Deal to Stay Out of Prison

Staten Island, NY – A Brooklyn man who was caught on a dashcam attacking a trucker and bashing a big rig with a bat has made a deal with prosecutors that will allow him to stay out of prison.

Joshua Edwards pleaded guilty on Wednesday to second-degree assault, a felony, and third-degree assault, a misdemeanor, stemming from his role in an attack on a FedEx truck driver along the Staten Island Expressway in the early morning hours of October 11, 2019.


Infuriating dachcam video from the FedEx trucker’s rig shows Edwards, operating a Honda Accord, engage in a road rage incident with the tractor-trailer.

Edwards first brake checks the FedEx truck driver, but the trucker is able avoid a collision.

Edwards is then seen again speeding in front of the big rig and stopping in the middle of the roadway forcing the trucker to come to a stop.

Edwards then exits his vehicle and begins yelling before returning to his car to grab a bat out of the trunk.

The FedEx trucker also exits his vehicle and pounces on Edwards taking him to the ground.

A short time later, two other truckers stop, positioning their rigs to block oncoming traffic, and come to the aid of the FedEx truck driver.


After subduing Edwards, he appears ready to leave the scene, but he wasn’t quite finished yet.

Edwards, still wielding the bat, then walked up to the FedEx truck and bashed its front headlights, driver-side mirror and driver-side window, according to police.

He then gets back into his vehicle and speeds away almost colliding with a car hauler who had stopped to help.

The FedEx driver reportedly suffered lacerations, swelling, pain and soreness.

Edwards was later indicted on charges of assault, reckless endangerment, reckless driving, menacing, criminal weapon possession and criminal mischief.


He was facing more than a decade in prison.

However, in a newly reached plea deal with prosecutors, if he completes a 12 session anger-management program the felony second-degree assault charge will be vacated.

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The misdemeanor third-degree assault charge will then result in only two years of probation, according to prosecutors.

Should Edwards fail to complete the program, he could still face up to seven years in prison.

WATCH the dashcam video of the unbelievable incident below.


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