Man Jumps on Big Rig’s Hood Along Florida Turnpike in Unbelievable 9-Mile Ride

Boynton Beach, FL – A bizarre incident was captured on video today as a semi-truck was seen traveling down the Florida Turnpike with a man clinging to the hood and beating on the truck’s windshield.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), the incident began shortly after 1 p.m. on the Florida Turnpike around mile marker 86.


FHP said it received reports of a white male driving a Toyota SUV acting “strange.”

The vehicle’s passenger told officials the driver stopped the SUV on the southbound exit ramp to Boynton Beach.

The driver then exited the vehicle and began walking onto the highway.

He jumped the median concrete wall from the southbound side onto the northbound side, which caused traffic to slow, FHP stated.

At that time, the man — whose identity was not shared by officials — jumped onto the hood of a northbound semi-truck, operated by Fort Smith, AR-based ABF Freight System.

Authorities say the driver of the semi-truck continued traveling northbound for approximately nine miles with the male still on top of the truck’s hood.


Video footage from the scene reveals the truck driver swerving, presumably in attempts to remove the half-dressed man from the hood of the truck.

The day cab, which was hauling doubles, sustained damage to the windshield as a result of the man repeatedly striking it with his hands.

Witnesses to the incident, Erik Morales and Leanna Cole, also traveling northbound on the Turnpike, captured video footage, which was later posted to social media.

The video shows the ABF truck had notably slowed as it traveled in the right-hand lane, and at times straddled the shoulder.

The man clinging to the truck can be heard yelling, “Call the police!” as Morales and Cole caught up and drove alongside the semi.

“What are you doing?” Cole asks with a laugh, as the driver of the ABF truck slams on his brakes.


The truck driver then accelerates speed as he passes the passenger vehicle with the man still on the truck.

“Should we call the police?” Cole asks Morales.

“Hell no, this is way too good,” Morales responds.

“The guy on the hood had blood all over his face. He was only wearing socks and underwear,” Morales later told local outlet WSVN.


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The video, which lasts 1 minute and 26 seconds, ends with the ABF truck continuing to swerve and the man still clinging to the Kenworth’s hood.

“He needs to stop the truck!” the Cole declares.

FHP stated the ABF truck was intercepted near mile marker 95 by Trooper M. Jeffreys.


Trooper Jeffreys detained the male on top of the truck as responders from Boynton Beach Fire Rescue also responded to the scene.

“They took him down. He lay on his belly, put his hands down forward, and they grabbed him by his hands and yanked him onto the ground and put him in cuffs,” Morales claimed.

The unidentified man was transported to a nearby hospital for further evaluation.

FHP said the case is still pending investigation.

Authorities gave no word on what happened to the truck driver.

WATCH the video below.


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