Man Killed By Semi In His Own Driveway

Steward, Illinois – A tragic semi accident occurred last week in the driveway of a residence in a rural Illinois town leaving the homeowner dead.

Derrick G. Finley, 54, of Flint, Michigan

On Monday evening, November 20, 54-year-old truck driver, Derrick Finley, of Flint, Michigan, was traveling along state Route 251 when he pulled into the driveway of a home along the highway to turn around. Illinois State Police say that at approximately 6:52 p.m. the homeowner, Robert L. Barkei, attempted to make contact with Finley as he was backing up.

That’s when police say Finley ran over Barkei crushing him. Authorities then say Finley continued back onto the highway without stopping. Barkei later died at the scene.

A short time later officials were able to locate Finley’s truck at a truck stop nearby in Rochelle, Illinois. Finley was then arrested for Aggravated Leaving the Scene of a Fatal Accident. He was transported to Lee County Jail.


It is not yet known why Barkei was attempting to approach the semi. Also unknown at this time is if Finley intentionally backed over Barkei or if he admits to realizing he had accidentally backed over him before leaving the scene.

Police continue to investigate the incident and more charges are possible. If found guilty of the initial charge of Aggravated Leaving the Scene of a Fatal Accident Finley will face a 3 to 7 year prison sentence.

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Sources: Rochelle News-Leader,

Featured image is a representation of the scene and not an actual photo of the scene.


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