Many Rounds of Beer Lost in Trucker’s Roundabout Fail

Berlin, Germany – Beer: the universal language.

That’s why media outlets from around the world mourned the loss of nearly $13,500 worth of beer spilled out of a semi-truck and onto a German road on Friday.

A press release from German police said the accident occurred on August 2 around 7:30 p.m. local time.

The 53-year-old trucker, who’s identity has not been released, was driving a rig loaded with 1,280 boxes of beer.


According to authorities, the driver was maneuvering his truck in a roundabout.

The cargo, which was insufficiently secured, caused the load to slip during the curve, break out from the trailer and spill out onto the roundabout.

Almost 40 percent of the delicious cargo was lost according to authorities.

The value of the spilled beer was estimated to be approximately €12,000, which is equivalent to $13,500.

The damage to the trailer was estimated to be €30,000, or $33,600.

Twenty-nine people assisted with the cleanup, which took several hours, and only minor traffic disruptions were reported.

German police say the trucker will be investigated for improper securing of the load.

Roundabouts are extremely popular as intersections in Europe and are appearing more and more on U.S. roadways.


Last week, Trooper C. Thorson from the Washington State Patrol posted a short video about his top 3 tips to safely navigate a roundabout.

Trucker Robi Brose from Spokane, WA commended Trooper Thorson’s video, but added his own twist from a trucker standpoint:

Semis often need two lanes to maneuver roundabouts safely — and truckers typically aren’t fans.

Cheers to safely navigating roundabouts, drivers!

(Photo: Polizei Mannheim / Twitter)


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